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Climbing or gym chalk 250g(250ml) Magnesium Carbonate Liquid chalk in a tube.Non-airborne liquid chalk for climbing or CrossFit gyms. Liquid chalk dries the hands within a few seconds of application and keeps them dry for a long time. The liquid chalk comes in a practical bottle, making the application easy.

Magnum Liquid Chalk absorbs moisture and sweat to ensure high friction between your fingers and the rock for better grip and creates less dust than standard loose chalk. It’s highly recommended for indoor climbing and is great for bouldering and rock climbing too.

Outdoor Elements Liquid Chalk

    1. Shake well before use!
    2. Apply a thin layer on your fingers, spread and let it dry.
    3. Wash hands thoroughly after climbing and apply cream


    Not for medical purpose, not for internal use.

    Do not use in case of allergy, abrasions or any injury.

    Avoid contact with eyes.

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