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Anna Dablam Base Camp - 2014

Frieda, Lana, Paul, Quintin, Ryan and Wayne set off on 1st October 2014 from Cape Town to Kathmandu, Nepal via Dubai for a trekking adventure in the Himalayas. 
The adventure was organized by brothers, Wayne & Quintin, owners of Outdoor Escape, Stellenbosch. 
With various adventures in their history books, Anna Dablam Base Camp was about to be ticked off as well.

Anna Dablam is considered the "Mother of Everest" and stands at 6,812m, a lower peak when considering the 14 giants around her with Everest towering above 8,848m.

A two-week adventure from beginning to end, never to be forgotten.

Memories, adventures, stories to tell. Escaping to the outdoors fuels and humbles us.

Interested in recommendations and trips to Nepal?

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