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Opinel is going high-tech with space age materials. This heavy duty survival knife features a 2.5 mm thick 12C27 sandvik blade, a thick serrated area, an integrated 110 decibel pea-less survival whistle and a shackle key for 4 to 10mm shackles.

Opinel No 8 is the most versatile size in the ever growing line of folding knives

(colour may differ)


The ergonomic Opinel handle features a non-slip area (coloured area) and is made from hard polymer and fiberglass for grip.The knife is water and extreme temperature resistant ( -40°C to + 80°C ).

Swedish 12C27 modified Sandvik stainless steel IS used in the construction of this knife. The addition of chrome means it is extremely anti-corrosive and requires no special maintenance. It has an excellent cutting edge thanks to its 0.40% carbon content.

Opinel blades are all ground to a convex profile – the blade can be ground efficiently and maintains its robustness. To avoid causing harm to the environment (via transport pollution, deforestation etc), 95% of wooden handles come from French logging.


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