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The P6R Core is an all-new flashlight perfectly protected from dust and water. Its sleek design encases cutting-edge technology that provides bright views. The P6R Core is dimmable and adjustable with the innovative Smart Light Technology and can be charged with the Magnetic Charge System. It also has our patented³ Advanced Focus System combined with the new Multi-Core Optics Technology, which offers a consistent light beam in spot or flood mode and if necessary, even under water. And if you want to keep your hands free and illuminate a room, the lamp can easily be placed on the end cap.

Ledlenser P6R Core - 900 Lumens

  • Light Functions
    Blink, Boost, Low Power, Mid Power, Power, Position, S.O.S, Strobe

    Light Values
    Boost Mode:
    Light output [lm] – 900
    Beam distance [m] – 240

    Power Mode:
    Light output [lm] – 600
    Beam distance [m] – 190
    Run time [h] – 2

    Mid Power Mode:
    Light output [lm] – 240
    Beam distance [m] – 120
    Run time [h] – 6

    Low Power Mode:
    Light output [lm] – 15
    Beam distance [m] – 25
    Run time [h] – 95

    IP class – IP68
    Drop test (drop height) [m] – 2
    Working temperature range [°C] – -20 to +40

    Length defocused [mm] – 151
    Length focused [mm] – 158
    Head diameter [mm] – 35
    Tube diameter [mm] – 25
    Weight incl. batteries [g] – 170
    Weight without batteries [g] – 123
    Focus function – Yes
    Head material – Aluminum alloy
    Tube material – Aluminum alloy
    Optic – Plastic lense (PMMA)
    Cartridge – No

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