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Inspired by top trail runners, this spacious hydration vest is great for starting out and gives you the confidence to take on longer trails. Prioritizing comfort, the ACTIVE SKIN 8 for women is soft, snug, and adapted to your morphology - lower pockets for the flasks and a straw for effortless drinking. Let's not forget the modular storage spaces.


  • Hydration

    The front of the vest has a unique shape and places the specific soft flasks below the breasts to eliminate pressure. More comfortable so women can drink easily and often.


  • Freedom of movement

    The specific MotionFit designed for women uses a 2-way stretch chest construction, reducing pressure on the breasts for maximum comfort.


  • Easy to use

    The components of this pack are easy to use, and offer different ways to adjust the fit and carry poles and accessories.



    Sensifit women specific

    Designed to fit comfortably around a women's curved chest, narrow shoulders and shorter torso length. Double stretch construction straps, shaped like cups, conform to the chest. Proper fit eliminates bounce while enabling comfortable breathing.


  • LOAD MANAGEMENT Quick link

    This innovative sternum strap construction allows you to adjust and connect your pack quickly, even on the fly. The elastic strap also allows easy breathing during intense activity.



    2 soft flask 500 ml designed for women with straw included

    Specifically designed to fit women's anatomy, this triangular flask is positioned below the chest to remove any pressure on the breasts. Includes a straw for easy drinking with a simple press on the flask.


Salomon Active Skin 8 Set Womens

  • Care:

    • Do Not Dry Clean
    • Hand Wash Cold (30°C)
    • Do Not Bleach
    • Do Not Tumble Dry
    • Do Not Iron
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