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RADBAG is a compact and lightweight bivy (bivouac) bag originally developed for adventure racing but equally at home in the the hiking and fast-packing environments.

RADBAG is reusable and, unlike foil-based survival bags and space blankets, it doesn't make that crinkly sound every time you move. RADBAG is durable too and it won’t rip even when you clumsily climb into it with your shoes on.

RADBAG is not a sleeping bag - it is a lightweight, water- and wind-resistant shelter in the form of a bag that you climb into. Where you wouldn't want to put your sleeping bag down on damp or muddy ground, the RADBAG is made for just this. 

If the temperature is warm, you can sleep straight inside the RADBAG - maybe with a thin liner. If it is really cold or you will be sleeping out for the whole night, then you would climb into your sleeping bag and then into the RADBAG. 

RADBAG keeps your sleeping bag clean and keeps out dew and windchill.

RADBAG comes with its own stuff bag, which is sewn to the bivy to prevent misplacing the stuff bag. This also makes packing away faster. With the drawcord closure at the top, you can pull it tight over your head leaving a breathing opening. 

RADBAG Zip has a great feature - its full-length zip. It can be unzipped completely to be used as a groundsheet or shelter (use your trekking poles as supports). Two can be zipped together to make one big bivy bag that two or three people can climb into.


RADBAG is an excellent item to carry for hiking, long-distance trail running and adventure racing:

  • Use it without a sleeping bag in warm conditions, for short sleeps and emergencies.
  • Use it to protect your sleeping bag from mud, dirt and dust and to offer a little more warmth even when sleeping in a hiking hut.
  • Sleep out knowing that you are sheltered from wind and dew.
  • In case something happens to you or someone else, you'll be able to sleep out with your RADBAG.

RADBAG Adventure Bivy Bag Zip

Out of Stock
    • Weight: approx. 169g
    • Dimensions: 220cm x 72cm
    • Ultra-light, more breathable than the Original.
    • The ultimate choice of bivy bag for adventure racing and races like Munga, Freedom Challenge, Drakensberg Grand Traverse and self-sufficient ultras. Also ideal for ultra-distance trail running for emergency situations or when you need a short sleep.
    • Quiet bivy bag - doesn't rustle like foil bags.
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