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Never mind the punctures, here’s the new Granite Punk CO2 inflator!


It works with 25g O2 canisters and weighs just 25g so it won’t weigh you down.

When anarchy strikes and your tires go flat, just grab the Punk and you’ll be kicking out the jams again on the trails in no time. 


The Punk CO2 Inflator is a tiny but mighty stashable tool that’ll ensure you're never left stranded on the trails.

It works perfectly with MTB carrier straps and allows easy inflation of tires. 

Granite Punk CO2 Adapter

R299.00 Regular Price
R180.00Sale Price
    • Lightweight storage and inflator for CO2 canisters to guarantee you'll never be left stranded on the trails.
    • Silicone sleeve protects canisters and can be easily attached to MTB carrier straps for easy storage.
    • Easy to use design allows air flow to be regulated by rotating the canister.
    • Available 25g CO2 canisters fit.
    • Matches perfectly with the Granite RockBand carrier strap.
    • Works with Presta only, CO2 canister not included.
    • Sleeve Size: Large (25g CO2 canister, respectively)
    • Weight: Large - 25g
    • Color: Black
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