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The Aonijie Waterproof Mobile Case has a clear view and is a simple, effective product for protecting your gear such as mobile, mp3 player or any other small device while on an adventure or traveling near water. 


    *Warning: Not suited for deepwater swimming or diving

    Disclaimer: Seller doesn't take responsibility for any damages incurred to the buyer's devices or belongings during usage of this product.

    Aonijie Waterproof Mobile Phone Case

      • Universal waterproof case dry bag fits most smartphones
      • Easily for travel, going to the beach or go boating with no worries
      • A simple lock system
      • Keep your smartphone, credit card and cash protected when outdoors
      • Touch screen use
      • Lanyard included
      • Re-inforced sidewall
      • Material: TPU ABS
      • Phone Pouch Size: 80mm*160mm
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