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A full-body roller for large muscle groups


The Wave Roller combines powerful vibration therapy and an innovative wave texture to deliver the most powerful, efficient full-body foam rolling experience. This Bluetooth® enabled vibrating foam roller allows you to connect to the Therabody app for personalized recovery routines, releasing tension and increasing mobility where you need it most.


At Therabody, we’re committed to finding more solutions to change the way you move. The Wave Roller is a Bluetooth® enabled, vibrating foam roller.

The Wave Roller can be used to accelerate your warm-up and recovery, increase blood flow, enhance mobility, and release tension at any time. Stay connected and access customized routines with our Therabody app integration. The Wave Roller and Theragun Percussive Therapy devices are even more effective together.


Please Note:  Lead time  5 - 7 Weekdays.

Therabody Wave Roller™

Lead time -+5/7 Working days
    • High-density foam for noise dampening
    • 5 Speed Settings - Controlled through the app or on the device
    • 3-Hour Battery Life - Longer battery life for sustained use without worrying about charging
    • Hypo-Allergenic EVA High-Density Foam - An innovative material offering full-body support
    • 12 Inches Long - Designed for full-body use on a variety of body types
    • Bluetooth® Connectivity - Seamlessly pairs with the Therabody App for speed control and customized routines.
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