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Attack with the control of a master swordsman.


The Funn Hilt grip is perfectly balanced for every two-wheeled duel you’ll encounter.


Our proprietary compound guarantees perfect comfort, handling and durability. A single lock-on design clamps them tightly in place so you can focus on attacking the trail. The tiny-but-mighty outer bump-stop adds protection against impacts and added grip.


If all that’s not enough, the Hilt is super light at just 96g so it won’t hold back your feather-weight race bike.


Various colours mean they’ll always suit your style.

Funn Hilt MTB Grips

    • 30mm diameter for comfort and control
    • Proprietary compound is comfortable but hard-wearing
    • Single lock-on clamp for low-weight
    • Blue / Red / Black / Olive / Green / Pink / Turquoise
    • 96g
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