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Use After Exercise to Recover or as a Meal Replacement when required or as a Protein Boost during Ultra Events. Recover is an Optimised Rapid Recovery Drink specifically aimed at after exercise recovery. It can also be combined with Endurance Energy Drink for use during ultra endurance events, as a regular protein shake or in smoothies as a protein souce. It can be mixed with water or milk depending application and your preferences.No Chemical Additives:Additives are excluded because they are often the cause of unwanted side effects that can negatively impact performance and recovery. See menu item "Who we Are" for FAQ's and more info. Sucrose free, gmo free, stimulant free, colourant free, flavourant free, preservative free, anti-caking agent free, artificial sweetener free, chemical vitamin free, and other chemical additive free.Exceptional quality and purity; only natural and/or naturally derived ingredients; superior muscle recovery; superior glycogen restoration; subtle taste; no side effects; production methods are safe, clean, ethical and conform to good manufacturing practices.

Enduren Recovery Drink Mix Tub

  •  Proven 3:1 Carb:Protein Ratio for Rapid Recovery

    - High in BCAA’s and Glutamine

    - Contain All EAA's (Essential Amino Acids)
    - Alkaline Protein (Non Acidic)
    - Enduren Natural Carb Protein Blend 
    - Mild Mechanical Processed Pea Protein (no damage to proteins and enzymes)
    - Raw Cocoa Powder (Subtle Cocoa Taste)
    - No Artificial Additives

    - GMO and Allergen Free

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