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Ultra-lightweight and guaranteed chafe-free every time.


The Commando (2018) was our first product and received almost universal 5 star reviews but #betterneverstops. Based on your excellent feedback, we have tweaked the Commando (previously called Commando V2) to be even better.

T8 Men's Commandos Running Underwear

    • World's lightest full-leg running underwear at under 40 grams
    • Designed by runners - no inner thigh seam and super smooth stitching
    • Highly breathable and wicking to keep you cool and dry
    • Stay comfortable all day long with fitted 3D stretch
    • Performance waistband and 6" inseam for full leg protection
    • No chafing or your money back
    • 85gsm Italian blend - 90% polyamide / 10% elastane
    • Removed the front inner leg seam, a high-risk chafing area
    • Reverse merrow stitch for a "barely there" seam feel
    • Tapered leg and more elastic leg hem to stay put
    • Waistband seam moved off-centre back to prevent coccyx rub
    • Adjusted the sizing for a truer fit
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