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9th Edition touring map: Scale 1:50 000 [2cm = 1km][Latest: 2018] WATERPROOF



If you're a resident you'll find this map invaluable... if you're a visitor you'll find it essential. This double-sided waterproof map covers the whole of the Cape Peninsula in two sections; from Cape Town to Muizenberg and, on the reverse, from Muizenberg to Cape Point.

Now with ALL THE NEW STREET NAMES; the MYCITI BUS ROUTES; the complete HOERIKWAGGO TRAIL and all the new interchange layouts. Now also includes the Cape Camino!

Many thanks for excellent service. The Peninsula Map is ideal for our purpose as our daughter has moved to Cape Town and we can now follow her outdoor activities. The detail is excellent. – Peter Pearson 

  • Colour-shading and contours at 20m intervals make the distinctive mountains of the Table Mountain National Park stand out clearly.
  • All Cape Town's southern suburbs, main roads, railways, footpaths, etc. are accurately mapped and named.
  • More than thirty different kinds of facilities are keyed, from theatres to mountain biking, restaurants to whale-watching. 
  • 500 places of special interest are named, listed and keyed on the map.
  • Built up areas, industrial areas, informal settlements, cemeteries, sports grounds, shopping centres, cultivated lands, education sites, police stations, and post offices are detailed.

Slingsby Cape Peninsula

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    • There is a comprehensive list of attractions keyed to the map.
    • An inset map of Robben Island is included.
    • Both sides: A2+ full colour maps
    • Scale: 1:50 000 (2cm = 1km)
    • 20m contours; relief shading
    • 2km square grid
    • Coords in format at important junctions
    • WATERPROOF and TEAR RESISTANT in plastic sleeve
    • ISBN 978-1-920377-36-6
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