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The SIENNA is an all round spinning reel which is popular all over the world. It’s an ideal choice for the angler who is just beginning with fishing or has a small budget, but still wants to fish with a reliable reel. In this segment, there are many poor quality spinning reels on the market with ‘high specs’ (advertising with 10 ball bearings, etc). The Sienna does not have 10 ball bearings, but it has the quality which Shimano is known for; strong and smooth Shimano gearing, alu spool and a strong XT-7 body.

Shimano Reel Siena 4000

    • Gear Ratio :  5.1:1
    • Max Drag : 3kg/7lb
    • Weight : 365g/12.9oz
    • Bearings : 2
    • RPT : 82cm/32inch
    • Nylon Mono(Lb/Yds) : 10lb/200yds
    • Nylon Mono(Mm/M) : 0.30mm/180m
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