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Why racefood farbar… because there is no substitute for wholesome nutrition from quality natural ingredients

  • Slower energy release

The perfect mix of simple and complex carbs provides your body with sustained energy for optimal endurance.

  • Longer lasting energy

136 perfectly balanced calories per 30g real food bar, along with good fats keep you fueled for longer.

  • Clean Energy

No nasty additives just good clean food. At racefood we would never use any preservatives, artificial colours or flavours.

  • The Extra Mile

For when you need longer lasting real energy… sport nutrition never tasted this good.


Yes… Something this tasty IS a serious sport nutrition bar.
Here are the facts :

  • No Sugar Spike

Balanced energy release from simple and complex carbs prevents a spike in your sugar levels

  • Immune Booster

Our farbar contains a good source of antioxidants (Vit E) naturally found in cranberries

  • Anti spasmodic

Not substantiated yet, but…
Athletes are reporting that racefood helps in reducing cramps, this could be from cranberries  which are known to have  anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Perfect size

The 30g bite size bar is jam packed with delicious real food for lasting energy. The portion is to be taken 15 min before an event then every 90 min during training or racing to supply your body with longer lasting real energy. Remember to hydrate!

  • Good Fats

Monounsaturated fats keep your body fueled for longer.

Race Food Far Bar Cranberry and Date

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