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The Funn Funndamental pedal is designed from the ground up to give you everything that you need and nothing that you don’t.

CNC machined from tough yet light AL6061, the Funndamental has a deep, roomy platform for maximum stability on all terrains. 11 two-way removable pins guarantee perfect grip and hassle-free maintenance. Riders can customise the Funndamental’s fit and feel using the supplied long and short pins.

Funndamental uses our innovative GRS system for easy maintenance. GRS will keep your pedals performing at their best for years to come.

Funn Funndamental

R1,650.00 Regular Price
R1,099.00Sale Price
Colour: Black
    • Tough and lightweight AL6061 body
    • Cartridge bearing and DU bushing
    • 11 two-way removable pins
    • GRS system for easy maintenance
    • Platform size: W105mm x L110mm x H17mm
    • Supplied with long and short pins, washers and tools
    • Blue / red / black / silver / green / blue / orange
    • 415g per pair
    • 7 colours


    Pedals have 9/16" x 20T threaded axles. The right pedal is installed in a clockwise direction. The left pedal is installed in a counter-clockwise direction.

    1.Lightly lubricate axle threads with grease or oil.

    2.Thread axle into the crank hole with your fingers. From the other side of the crank, insert 6 mm Allen key into the recess of the axle. Screw pedal axles onto crank arms.

    3.Tighten to 34 Nm (300 lb-in) torque and avoid excessive force.


    You can remove the pins on the pedals to fine-tune the grip. Damaged or worn grip pins can be replaced using a 4 mm socket wrench.

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