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Its good to let go of control sometimes and go with the flow, which may take you a bit out of your comfort zone. For those moments that push you a little further than you'd like to go, toss on Fox's Enduro Pro Knee Guard. These beefy guards offer coverage for your knees and shins using Fox's F3 Armor that provides you with a minimal restriction and maximum protection. F3 flexes and moves with you when you're working up long and tiresome climbs, and hardens on impact to absorb and dissipate forces from big hits. The pad itself is made from moisture-wicking fabric, with open stretch mesh at the back of knee to boost breathability and ventilation. Cordura on the front of the pad is built for high abrasion resistance, and its backed up with a reinforced skid plate that reduces friction against rocks and dirt in the event of a sliding fall. After your ride you can easily remove the F3 foam inserts from the pad and toss them in the wash for easy cleaning.

Fox Enduro Pro Knee Guard

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