Why CORE merino?

Designed to protect you across all environments, merino wool offers year-round protection, comfort and performance. A naturally technical fibre, merino wool helps to regulate body temperature and keep you dry as the fibre naturally absorbs and releases moisture, which means less sweat on your body and on your clothes. It resists the build-up of odour molecules allowing you to wear merino garments more and wash them less.


This soft, breathable shirt features ultra-lightweight Nuyarn Merino wool fabric. This style gives you a bit more space around the neckline for more comfort and a slightly more feminine look. Wear it as a casual shirt or baselayer this Short Sleeve Scoop neck is unbeatable for its comfort in any environment.


Core Merino Nuyarn Short Sleeve W

R999.00 Regular Price
R699.00Sale Price
  • Fabric: 85% Merino wool 15% Nylon Garment Weight: 95g