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Quality laces. 200cm long. Ideal for full length boots.Lacing TechniquesLacing for wide forefootThis lacing technique allows you to have one area of the boot laced tighter or looser than the rest of the boot. For example, you may wish to have the laces looser in the bottom portion of the boot than the top portion.​​Twist the laces around each other 3-4 times to create a surgeons knot. This creates friction in the laces and blocks lace tension from moving past it.You can apply this technique at any height on the bootAllows you to have the front part of the boot looser than the rest of the boot.Bunion lacingThis lacing technique is useful for relieving the pressure on bunions or for people with a very wide forefoot.​Determine at which point the boot is too narrow and unlace the boot down to that point.Now re-lace the boot missing out the crossover in the area where you want the boot to be wider. For bunions this usually means missing out the crossover between the first and second pairs of eyelets.Now continue lacing the rest of the boot as normal.This will relieve pressure from the bunion whilst retaining proper lace tension around the rest of the foot.Useful for relieving the pressure on bunions.Lacing for reducing heel liftThis lacing technique makes use of a pulley/leverage effect to make the lacing tighter at a specific point. It can be very helpful to help combat excessive heel lift.​Press down on the tongue of the boot to feel where there is excess space between the top of the foot at the upper of the boot. This is the area that you need to make tighter. It will usually be at the point where the top of the foot meets the lower leg, or sometimes slightly higher.Run the laces parallel up both sides of the boot missing out one crossover.Now feed the end of each lace under the bridge you have made on the opposite side.Group the free ends of the laces together and pull them out away from the boot. It takes a little practice to perfect the technique!You should feel the boot get extra tight in that area.Helpful to combat excessive heel lift.Lacing to relieve pressure from the shinSometimes people experience uncomfortable pressure where the top edge of the tongue cuts into the shin, particularly with new boots which haven't softened yet.This simple lace technique can really help to remove this pressure point.​From the third pair of laces hooks down, go straight to the top lace hooks before dropping down to the second pair of lace hooks which you missed out on the way up. Cross the laces over at each step as usual. Now tie the laces as normal but in this new lower position.You should now find that there is less pressure on the shin when flexing the ankle. This is because the laces have now made a 'V' shape at the top and also the lace knot has been moved away from the pressure point.

Boreal Boot Laces

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