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Warm-up and recover like the pros with the Aonijie massage device. Seriously strong, aesthetically sleek, and unbelievably quiet.  Compact but powerful, quick relief and relaxation that fits conveniently in your carry-on or backpack.


Deeply release fascia and relieves muscle fatigue and acid swelling. Deep relaxation fascia gun can effectively relieve muscle stiffness and soreness, Promote blood circulation and improve the health of body tissues.


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AONIJIE Handheld Fascia Massage Gun Mini

    • Slim and Powerful Deep tissue massage gun.
    • Aimed at any athlete, physiotherapist, trainer and anyone else who is physically active. 
    • Type C charging cable.
    • 4 Types of massage head adjustments for finding the best massage form for the injuries or pains you are struggling with. 1: Cone Head- It is suitable for deep blows of small muscle groups such as shoulders, hands, trapezius muscles, etc. 2: Particle Head- It is suitable for impacting large area tissues meridians, joints, palms, soles etc. 3: Flat Head-It is suitable for relaxing and shaping the muscles in various parts. 4: Semicircular Head- It is suitable for large muscle groups such as arms, hips, thighs, calves, etc.
    • Powerful rechargeable lithium battery: 10 hours of Long life battery.
    • One key functionality. 
    • Multi-Gear Adjustable: 3 speeds: First Gear 1600/min (muscle awakening); Second Gear 2200/min (Fascia Relaxation); Third Gear 2800/min(Decomposed lactic acid)
    • Sound suppression for the ultimate experience. 
    • Carry bag included
    • Lightweight & portable design: 450G weight and Slim body profile.
    • Unique quiet glide technology
    • Intergraded Structure
    • Hidden Ventilation and heat dissipation 
    • 10min internal timer set
    • Wireless
    • Amplitude: 8mm
    • Do not insert or touch the gap between the massage head and the shell with your fingers or other objects during use. 
    • Do not over massage. See image for guideline.
    • Do not use on bones or weak muscle groups.
    • Do not use: Osteoporosis patients, heart conditions with electronic medical device, pregnant women, infant, minor or physical trauma. Consult doctor prior to use if you have any medical complications.
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